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Green Crack

Type: Sativa dominant hybryd.

Smell/Taste: intense and fruity, little earthy with mango notes. One of the most tasty smoke.

Effects & Potency: high potency and performance. Strong Sativa effect with cerebral high, energetic and euphoric. May have zoning effect. Good medical effect.

Best for: daytime use.

Prices for Green Crack:


WeigtPrice USD
1 g7
3.5 g22
7 g45
14 g62
28 g125
56 g225
112 g400





White Widow

Type: well balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid. Legendary strain! Simply ideal taste,smell and high.

Smell/Taste: very rich pine and citrus flavour. Smooth flower, pine and citrus taste.

Effects & Potency: very high potency. Powerful uplifting strong head high. One of the best medical effects taken from both Sativa and Indica.

Best for: daytime use/night time use.

Prices for White Widow:


WeigtPrice USD
1 g8
3.5 g26
7 g50
14 g70
28 g140
56 g250
112 g450





Northern Lights

Type: Northern Lights is pure Indica. This strain set Indica standard.

Smell/Taste: pungent honey-musk flavour. Sweet and spicy taste.

Effects & Potency: high potency.Typical Indica strong body high. Euphoric, relaxing, long-lasting effects. Good medical effect.

Best for: night time use.

Prices for Northern Lights:


WeigtPrice USD
1 g5
3.5 g17
7 g35
14 g56
28 g112
56 g190
112 g330





Published on April 7th, 2015


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